Salpa Line 2006-2010

Salpa Line (Finnish: Salpalinja) is a bunker line on the eastern border of Finland. It was built during the Interim Peace between the Winter War and the Continuation War 19401941, and during the Continuation War 1944 to defend Finland against a possible Soviet invasion. The line is 1200 km long, stretching from the Gulf of Finland to Petsamo in northern Finland.

Salpa Line has 728 various concrete fortifications, 315 km of wire obstacles, 225 km of granite anti-tank obstacles, 130 km of anti-tank ditches, more than 3000 timber reinforced dugouts, 350 kilometers of trenches.

The fortifications were never used in combat, because the Red Army was stopped at the end of the Continuation War well before its advance units reached Salpa. However, the existence of the fortified line was the mental backbone for the war, the last line of defence. It was also advantage for the Finns in the subsequent peace talks.

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