Olavinlinna Castle 4.-5.8.2006

Olavinlinna was founded in 1475 by a Danish knight called Erik Axelsson Tott, who  at the time served as the governor of Vyborg Castle.  Building site for the castle was chosen from the point of view of defence: steep, rocky small island emerges from a strong stream at the meeting point of two waterways. It was difficult for the enemy to approach the castle and the waterways could be used to transport building material to the island

First a so-called main castle was built. It rose on the highest side of the island, the western side. The main castle consisted of three towers with encircling wall between them. It took roughly ten years before the main castle could defend itself. Immediately after the main castle was finished the building of the so-called bailey was started. The bailey had two towers and the building work was finished at the end of the 15th century. At that time the castle with five towers rising on an island represented the most modern defence architecture with round towers and high encircling walls. 

After many battles during the 18th century, the Peace Treaty of Turku in 1743 made Russia the owner of the castle. Russians took up extensive construction work in order to improve the castle's defence. Rectangular bastions are a proof of that period. 

Source: http://www.nba.fi/en/olavinlinna_history