Häme Castle 16.6.2007


The Häme castle's oldest sections almost certainly date from the end of 1200’s, which included a square-shaped greystone wall, with defensive towers at the northern, eastern and southern corners. In the final decades of the 13th century, life at the fort was considerably improved through the construction of a series of vaulted brick rooms just inside the walls.

In the 14th century, at the "brick castle" period, Häme Castle was enlarged by the most popular construction material, brick. This refers to the fact that brick was for all practical purposes the only material used for exteriors. This made it possible to construct rooms in a more refined style and to provide decorative details on exteriors. The brick ornamentation visible in the courtyard is unique in Finland. Brick was a relatively little-used building material in Finland during the Middle Ages, and Häme Castle also has an exceptionally important significance in this respect.

In the 1770's extensive building work was undertaken at this time to repair the old walls and ramparts to bring them in line with modern fortress design. Rampart construction continued up to the early 19th century, by which time Finland had become part of the Russian empire.

The ramparts and the moat offer a unique sight in Finland.

Source: http://www.nba.fi