Wishmaster E-litter

D.O.B. 5.5.2007
Sire: GIC S*Laterna Magica's Sleeping Bag, brown spotted tabby/white
Dam: (N)Coco Islands' Velvet, brown classic torbie/white bicolour

SC Wishmaster Eowyn "Pipsa" (NFO n 03 23) ~ Kuva: tessa.lv

SC Wishmaster Eowyn
Brown mackerel tabby/white bicolour female
(NFO n 03 23)
Owner: Paula Taalikka
Harmaaturkin Cattery

*Best In Variety in Vantaa 25.8.2007*
*Best In Variety and Nominated for BIS in Vantaa 20.10.2007*
*Best In Variety in Forssa 10.11.2007*
*Best In Variety in Turku 24.11.2007*
*Best In Variety in Pori 9.12.2007*
*Nominated for BIS in Turku 22.3.2008*
*Nominated for BIS in Helsinki 26.4.2008*
*Best In Show in Jämsä 14.6.2008*
*Nominated for BIS in Tampere 17.5.2009*
*Best In Variety in Siilinjärvi 28.6.2009*
*Best In Variety in Kempele 5.7.2009*
*Nominated for BIS in Tampere 26.9.2009*


Wishmaster Elendil "Mauno" (NFO n 03 23) 13 vkoa ~ Kuva: Tiia Kellari


Wishmaster Elendil
Brown mackerel tabby/white bicolour male
(NFO n 03 23)
Owners: Katja & Tommi Torikka
Norscoon Cattery

*Best In Variety and Nominated for BIS in Vantaa 26.8.2007*

Mauno is missing after a fire that happened on 28.4.2008!
Mauno has been seen after the fire, so he is moving around somewhere in Selki/Vihti area.
Please click here for details.

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